French Word of the Day: maman (mah mah)- mom (or mum, if you want to be British about it)

Many of you (read: most), don’t know my mom, but she’s quite the fabulous lady.  Her name is Siobhan (sha-vohn), and everyone loves her. The woman knows how to live.  She wants to enjoy life now, not in some far distance future.  In my eyes, this is the best philosophy.

She’s extremely witty, and my friends always get really excited whenever I have a new story of her latest adventures.  Our conversation today after someone talked about a robber they’d encountered:

Me: You know who would win against a robber?

Friend #1: Siobhan?  Because she would.

Friend #2: I’d put money on Siobhan.

She would also win in a fight against most super-villains.

My mom is turning 50 today!  Isn’t that awesome?!

So this is my mom:

I know exactly what you’re thinking: she looks goooooooooood for 50.

My genes rock.

It’s also my mom’s musical soulmate, Lady Gaga’s, birthday today.  You may not know this, but my mom and Lady Gaga are friends.

Mom gives her bff, Lady Gaga, a hug

Naturally, I think this song is appropriate for their big day:

Love you, Mom!  Happy birthday!


Betsy’s Wedding

French Word(s) of the Day: sels de bain (sell day bahn)- bath salts

I have just a few more photos from Betsy’s wedding.  (Side note: Betsy’s Wedding is the title of both a book and an apparently awful Molly Ringwald movie.)

My cousin, Todd, let me know that he follows this blog, so he gets a shout out.

He brought two of his daughters to the wedding.  They let me paint their nails, which was very trusting of them as I’m very good at spilling things.  Luckily, everything managed to stay on their nails.

Very classy, ladies!

Betsy had a photo from our grandparents’ wedding.  I rarely get to see any, but I LOVE old photos.  (Look at my grandmother’s hat and my grandfather’s bow tie!  I wonder if there are any more photos…)

For gifts, Betsy put together a table of bath salts.  I know nothing about bath salts, but Todd’s daughter, Hope, is way more bath-salt forward than I am.  She made sure I got the good stuff.

Having the bath salts at the airport was an adventure.  Almost everyone who brought them through security had their bags searched.  Obviously, bath salts are a major security threat.  We can’t have anyone making their baths smell pretty.

I’m not really sure what bath salts actually do.

Everyone is well aware of my love for cake?  Yes?  (A massive cake post will occur in the future.  Wait for it.)

Betsy’s cake passed the Meghan Taste Test. I took several pictures, but managed to capture my twin and myself in the mirror intently staring at it in this one, so it’s the one being chosen.

Betsy’s wedding get’s an A+, unlike the Molly Ringwald version.

An Elvish Chapel

French Word of the Day: la chapelle (lah shap-el)- the chapel

When I think of a destination wedding, beaches and European castles come to mind. One word that doesn’t? Arkansas.

However, having just returned from one there, I must change my opinion. My cousin chose a chapel that looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings.

Ah, if only all buildings were in the middle of the woods.  Arkansas, well done.