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Proper Macarons

French Word of the Day: macaron (mac-rown)- macaron I’m going to clear something up for everyone.  This is not a macaron: That’s a macaroon.  It’s Italian, has coconut, and isn’t what I’ve been craving the last few weeks. This, my … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: nuit (new-ee)- night What a warm February!  Isn’t she pretty at night, my city?

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Some Sparkly Hearts for Everyone

French Word(s) of the Day: scintillement (sun-teal-mon)- glitter You can tell it’s that time of year again… Le jour de la Saint–Valentin.  (I don’t know why the French used the feminine definite article for a male saint, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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Thank You for the Information

French Word(s) of the Day: les parents (lay pair-awn)- the parents Because I’ve been to France, everyone emails me anytime anything even remotely related to France, the French, or French words appears in the news or their lives. Someone going … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: Métro (met-row)- metro I love public transportation.  It lets me walk and think.  I don’t have to worry about hitting anyone while reading, because someone else is driving. Paris has an amazing system.  You pretty … Continue reading

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Culture and Racism

French Word of the Day: noir (new-ar)- black I don’t normally get political on this blog, but this event came just in time for the start of Black History Month in the States. French Elle has published a controversial article … Continue reading

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