My Main Man, Monet

French Word(s) of the Day: les nymphéas (lay nym-fay-ah)- the waterlilies

My friend, Jenna, is currently a student at the Art Institute of Chicago which means she can get me into the museum for free.  As many of you know, this is my favorite price.

Claude Monet is my absolute favorite painter of all time.  (In case you couldn’t tell from my Giverny post.)  I see his work and it makes me feel happy inside.  Impressionism can do that to a girl.

The Art Institute has one of the largest collections of Impressionism in the world courtesy of Mrs. Bertha Palmer.  I’m going to feed into a rumor here, and imply that she might have been under the influence of alcohol/ drugs when she bought many of these.  (I’ve no idea if that’s true, but if she was alive now the tabloids would be all over that.)

Bertha Palmer, Source: Wikipedia

No one can resist a few painting photos, so without further ado here’s some Monet:

This painting I did not previous know existed is of my beloved train station in Paris, Saint Lazare.  I lived right next to it for a year and a half.  I assume he painted this just for me.

If anyone has any suggestions on where to find prints of these paintings, please share!


Winter Flowers

French Word(s) of the Day: le jardin (luh jhar dawn)- the garden

We had our first huge snow of the year about 3 days ago which means that I’m ready for the snow to melt.  Winter should only last 3 days.

Unfortunately, Mother Nature and I disagree on this.  She thinks it should last 3 months.  I assume she goes south for the winter and doesn’t have to try to walk through sludgy snow on her way to work.

My favorite escape has always been to look at beautiful pictures, and I collected several when I went to Monet’s old haunt, Giverny, last spring.  Monet’s my favorite painter, but I can see how he made such fabulous paintings.  Ready for a spring escape?

Happy winter!

To Eat or Not To Eat

French Word of the Day: sucre (sue- cruh)- sugar

With 2012 has come everyone’s resolutions.  While mine are all lofty goals like world peace and ending world hunger (or they would be if I’d made them), everyone else has the same one: eat healthy.

Now, I’m a big fan of the healthy eating.  It’s important for healthy living, blah, blah, blah.  I have a chronic illness; I get it.  But lately, my food pyramid has resembled this:

When I haven’t had any sleep, it looks like this:

Yes, that is coffee spilling.  Spilling is a special talent of mine that I display whenever I’m sleep deprived.

(The color used for caffeine is called “asparagus.”  If your asparagus is actually that color, you should probably throw it out.)

My family and coworkers have all embraced the veggies-good, lean meats-good, and carbs-are-evil diet.  Well, everyone except my father.  As he doesn’t buy his food, he’s on that diet by default.

By guilt/ peer pressure, I’m on it too.

I have had only ONE Oreo cookie today.  That’s a third of a serving size.  No one eats under a serving size; you eat above the serving size and pretend like the amount you ate equals the serving size.  I don’t even really like Oreo cookies (except with peanut butter à la Lindsay Lohan in Parent Trap), it was just the only sugar item available.

I need a pain au chocolat.


French Word(s) of the Day: bonne année (bone ann-nay)- Happy New Year!

I always want to say the direct translation of Happy New Year, which is bonne nouvelle année, but the French cut out the “new” part.  You’re just going around saying “Happy year!” to people.  Really, you could mean any year, but I guess the French have evolved beyond the English-speaking world because they just KNOW what you mean.

Michelle’s cat is wishing you a pleasant 2012!