Les Examens Merdiques

French Word of the Day: merdique (mare-deek)- shitty

I’m starting a French Word of the Day so that everyone can learn French with me.  We’re starting off with my favorite word, brought to my attention by the fabulous Théo.  (I learn the real French from my friends.)  Obviously, I didn’t learn this one in school, even though it describes every French test I’ve ever taken.

Speaking of French tests, I had to take one the other day to test my French level.  I’d been ignoring the increasingly urgent emails being sent to me by the school (“if you don’t take this, our entire school will collapse!”), but decided to finally put them out of their misery.  Not because I’m a nice person.  No, I came to this decision when I realized that my inbox could no longer receive mail.  Three emails a day is a bit excessive.  I didn’t know the French could hold that level of dedication.

They’re probably questioning their decision to make the test all write-in answers.  While I did write the actual answers in some of them, I also used the spaces to write helpful advice for future tests.  For example, “I missed this answer because you only let me listen to the clip two times.  I cannot write that fast.  I recommend three or even twelve times for the future.  Or less questions.  Your choice.”

But in French, of course.

They will also probably reconsider the creative writing portion about “my past vacations.”  Well, maybe just the section entitled “my least favorite souvenir,” in which I gave a detailed description of a bout of food poisoning I acquired in Mexico.

I have no idea what score I received, but I have not gotten a “you need to retake this test” email so I assume I didn’t fail.  I’ll let you know when I arrive.

I gave up on my French friends finding this, mainly because Caitlin is friends with two of them (Arnaud and Théo) on facebook, and because I’m merdique at keeping secrets.

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!

Housekeeping things to take care of:

I had a few questions on this, so: the comment section under each individual blog is where you post comments.  You don’t have to sign in.  The only thing you have to put is your name.  I believe I’m the only one who has access to your email address, but I could be wrong.

Caitlin has been given full reign of designing the blog, so expect it to look different every time you view it.

Last time, no one could keep track of the names of my friends.  I got asked who Ben was (my uber tall friend) multiple times.  To counteract this problem, I’ve made a cheat sheet explaining who everyone is.  It’s on the top of the page next to the “home” and “about me(ghan)” links.


The Beginning of the Great Parisian Experiment

I received a lot of advice before I graduated college.  The overwhelming majority of people urged me to take this time to do things I won’t be able to do when I become a “real adult” (i.e. get a job that doesn’t require taking orders or making photocopies for other people).  Never one to ignore good advice (although my parents might disagree with that statement), I decided to live the next year in a different country.  In 19 days, 2 hours, and 20 minutes, I leave for Paris.  But really, who’s counting?

I’m kind of cheating.  This won’t be a new country.  I studied abroad there in college.  I’m not as nervous as I was a year and a half ago.  This time I know other human beings in the city.  I can also speak more French than “Do you speak English?” and “You are wrong.  The clothes aren’t pretty” which were two of my only French phrases.

Don’t take that to mean I’m fluent in French.  My conversations usually follow this pattern (although in French):

Me: Hi.

French Person: Hi.  How are you?

Me: Good.  How are you?

French Person:  Good.  I went to work and went out with friends.

Me: Sorry, can you repeat that?

French Person:  I went to work-

Me: A little slower.

French Person: I went-

Me: Slower.

French Person: I went to work and went out with friends.

Me: I don’t understand.

French Person: Which words?

Me: Yes.

And then they begin talking in English.

I kept another blog in college, http://meghantravelstheworld.blogspot.com/, but all my French friends demanded access to that one.  It’s hard to write about people when they can read it.  My twin sister, C, (who isn’t coming with me, but should definitely come visit HINT HINT) helped me set this one up in secret.

And so begins my second Parisian Experiment…